Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tian YaKe Ban Mian 天涯客板面

lady boss churning out bowls of ban mee for her hungry customer

A humble roadside stall nestled in one of the lorong in chow kit,is said to serve the best ban mee in kl. Some claimed that this is the very first stall who started selling ban mee in KL since in the early 1975. Some people may find it hard to find the exact location,but if you know where GM plaza is,this stall is located just nearby the plaza at the bend of the road on Lorong Haji Taib 5. Parking is no easy task here especially on weekday,but even that it did not stop people from patronising the stall. It can be packed during lunch time so you might need to wait for awhile before securing yourself a seat/table. And remember to wear light cause there's no fan provided and it can get really hot during noon time. But of course u can order drinks(chinese herbal tea,canned drinks)from the drinks stall to get some instant relieve from the hot weather.

I was there today after the peak lunch hour. As soon as i sat down,an old lady came over to take my food and drink order.

lime and chilli padi is provided at the table

Food is served approx 5 minutes later. As you can see,the soup is thick unlike the normal clear soup you get from other ban mee place. Also I added an egg,which is a must!! It makes the soup even thicker and smoother somewhat reminded me of "loh mee". The lady boss does not cook the egg,instead it is place at the bottom of the bowl,and then the pipping hot ban mee is poured over it,leaving the egg to cook in the residual heat.

a humble bowl of yumminess

closer view

They only serve 1 type of ban mee here,which is the traditional ban mee soup,no dry or chilli version available. But i can assure you that this ban mee taste as authentic as it can get!!! The noodles are handmade daily. There's no thin or thick or pinched noodles to choose from,instead the noodles are hand rolled with a glass bottle(yes you heard me right) and then 'cut' with a knife and hence the irregular shapes and sizes. The noodles are cooked just al dente,with a lil bit of chewiness to it,just how i like my noodles to be. It is soft and moist,and definitely smooth enough that you can slurp it from your spoon. *YUMSS* I especially like how the noodle tasted light on my palate,sometimes some ban mee may leave you feeling heavy and full just after a few spoonful.

gooey bowl of happiness

see the irregular shapes of the noodles

Also the lady boss is very generous with the toppings. Handfulls of 'choy sum' or sawi is added,giving sweetness to the soup base and you can see from the pictures the mushrooms topping almost covered half bowl of the noodles. Slices of lean pork are also added,but there's no anchovies or mince pork here. You can also add some lime and chilli into your ban mee for some extra kick.

spicy and tangy chilli sauce povided at the table too

lick the bowl clean!!!

The noodles remain hot till the very last drop and i totally savour each and every mouthfull. 2 bowls of ban mee + 2 eggs and 1 'leong sui' cost me RM13 and i left a very happy gal with a tummyfull of ban mee  ^^  On another note,raw/uncooked ban me is also available for sale here. So for those who would like to cook it at home,you can always tapao some back! How convenient!

Tian YaKe Ban Mian
Lorong Haji Taib 5,
Chow Kit,
50350 Kuala Lumpur.

Opens daily 7am-5pm
Closed on tuesday

*This article is written based solely on kitty's personal preference and tastebud*

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