Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Fan Cham Mei Restaurant 返寻味鱼头米

I've walk past this Fan Cham Mei Restaurant many times seing it fullhouse during lunch time but never had the chance to try it. Decided to try it out today since i had a sudden craving for fishhead noodle =P

They have both indoor and outdoor area,some good news for smokers i guess. There's wan tan mee and pork noodle in the menu in case you want to try something else other than fish head noodle. If you are no big fan of fish head,no worries here,as they have fish fillet,fish paste and also fish maw to choose from. For noodles you have a choice of thin or thick vermicelli.

Crispy fish fillet noodle RM7.50

I had the crispy fish fillet noodle. The soup was milky and slightly sweet,while the fillet was thinly sliced and deep fried. I was expecting thicker cuts of fish,but then it surprised me at first bite. Why? Because the fillet were very crispy like eating chips,even the bones were deep fried till crispy,so you can eat everything without having to worry about accidentally swallowing fish bones. It would not have the same effect  if the fillets were to be thicker.

Bbq pork soup wan tan mee

While the BBQ pork soup wan tan mee was just okay. The serving of bbq pork (char siew) was too small and the char siew was abit dry for me. 

Dumpling soup RM7.00

We ordered a side dish of soup dumpling. The dumplings were very plump in size and the mince pork filling were mix with chopped carrot and turnips,which added sweetness and crunchness to it. I like this alot. Each serving comes with 5 pieces of dumpling.

Restaurant Fan Cham Mei 返寻味鱼头米
No 33, G Floor,
Plaza Sri Sinar,Block D,
Jalan 6/38 d,51200 Segambut,
Wilayah Persekutuan.

Tel : 012-2368131

Opens daily 
8am - 9pm
Close on monday

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