Wednesday, 4 May 2016 @ tropicana city mall 🐷

I've been wanting to try out S.Wine at Tropicana City Mall since i heard about their opening last year(yes cause i'm a pork lover,who doesn't anyway?). This would be their second outlet where their first outlet is located at Publika within the B.I.G supermarket,where the non halal & alcohol section is located. Parking has always been a breeze at here,unlike other more crowded malls. It is quite easy to locate here, it is right next to secret recipe, along the same row as the main entrance at ground floor, facing the main road.

Food menu

Drinks menu

Balsamic chicken salad  (RM 28 )

As usual, salad is a must have dish for me so we had the balsamic chicken salad. It came with generous chunks of bacon, poached chicken, cherry tomatoes and almond flakes, tossed in a balsamic vinegar dressing. Sweet,salty and slightly tangy, mmm yummy!!

Almost everything here includes PORK, yes they are very famed and proud of their porkie dishes. The chefs here knows their stuff well.

Bacon & salted egg carbonara (RM 25 )

Next came the bacon and salted egg carbonara, a twist from the usual cabonara. I think cause everything now comes with salted egg ,sort of like a trend. But i have to say it does taste quite good. Mild in flavor but you can definitely taste the salted egg. Strands of spaghettini enveloped in the silky smooth sauce, pair it up with bacon chunks,who wouldn't fall in love with this?

Pan-roasted pork chop with spinach (RM38)

Tender, succulent & juicy pork chop is pan roasted till nicely golden brown. Paired with cream sauce cooked with seeded mustard and white wine. This dish earned its well deserved 2 thumbs up!

Jerk pork shoulder ( RM 28 )

The jerk pork shoulder served with arugula leaves was OK. But the potato wedges were way undercook πŸ‘Žlike eating raw potatoes. Next dish came with 2 huge grilled italian sausages, served over a bed of crispy sauerkraut rosti and a dollop of sour cream. It may look dry at first sight, but the sausage is actually very juicy and the sauerkraut rosti still maitains its moisture within. I really like this combination. Thumbs up πŸ‘

Pork sausages with sauerkraut rosti (RM28)

Bacon,chicken & avocado sandwich (RM 25)

The bacon,chicken and avocado sandwich was the biggest let down of the night. The baguette was so hard and rubbery. I can hardly bite into it. Taste wise it was nothing to shout about.

English pressed roast pork with crispy skin (RM 38)

The star of the night was definitely the slow-roasted pressed pork belly. It was nicely seasoned and roasted to perfection. The meat-fat ratio is just perfect. Juicy to every bite and it basically just melts away in your mouth. The skin is super crispy too!! This has to be the most impressive dish in the menu by far. 

Overall it was an enjoyable experience dining at S.Wine. The food and service has always been good. Though some items at Tropicana City Mall outlet differs from the Publika outlet, both do serve equally good food, and it's definitely more spacious at this outlet if compared to publika's. 

Tropicana City Mall,
Lot G-40
Jalan ss 20/27,
Seksyen 20
47300 petaling jaya,

Tel : 03 - 7710 0393

Opens daily 10am - 10pm.

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